Finding a Program Files Folder

Finding a folder in Program Files

Tutorial Level: Beginner

One of the common problems when playing a game with Wine is finding the location of the game file and what folder it lies in the C:/Program Files directory. To start, I’m going to assume you have already installed Wine, knowing how to start a Wine program, or have seen the Installing and Using Wine tutorial. Because the wine command needs the path for the program or game to start it. This tutorial will show you two ways to find the folder and file that the game requires in path to start.

Using Konqueror

Konqueror is a very powerful program for viewing directories and files. If you are using KDE, chances are you already have this program installed, and have used it before. If you are using Gnome, most likely YaST has installed kdebase3 or kdebase4 during the installation of OpenSUSE. From this point, since the KDE base packages are an essential part of an OpenSUSE system, that Konqueror is already installed. To open Konqueror, hit Aft+F2 and type Konqueror to open the program. Once the program appears, click the Home Folder link (with the house next to it). This will bring you to your /home folder. To view your program files, enter into the top address bar…

~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files

This will bring you to your Program Files folder. This is where you will you find all the folders in your Program Files directory. Now you can view the files in a folder too, also finding the file that will initiate the program you are look to start. To do this through Konqueror itself, and bypass using a terminal, right click on the file you want to start in Wine. In the drop down, there will be a option to Open With. Mouseover and click Other…. When a new window appears, enter wine into the text field. If you want the program to have its own shell running with the program (similar to if you started the program from the terminal), check the box that says: Run in terminal. Now the program will start, and save you the step of opening the terminal. Using the graphical way is for most the more comfortable way to view files, but it is not always the best, because sometimes files are hidden do to permissions. Sometimes the only way (and possibly the best) is to use the terminal.

Using the Terminal

Although using a terminal does not have the visual effects of a file browser like Konqueror, it is a very powerful tool to use when trying to find a file or directory. To do this, open a terminal window and login as a SuperUser by typing the command su and then enter the root password. The following two steps can be done as one, but by doing it in two steps, you can be kept in the directory, rather than having to reenter the path of the Program Files every time you use a command. So, first, let’s get into the directory by typing…

cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files

Now we are in C:/Program Files. To view the contents of this directory, type…



ls -l

Note the second command contains two Ls (Legend) not two capital Is (Interview). Both will give you the same output. This will now show you the folders in the C:/Program Files directory. Now that you know the folder, you can find the file you are looking for by using cd. To do this, type…

cd folder

Replace folder with the folder you want to view. Note: do not add an slashes to the folder name, because doing this will not put you into C:/Program Files/folder, it will put you into plain /folder. Now that you are in the folder you want to be, type the dir command again. This will show you the contents of this folder. Now that you have folder the locations of the folder and file of the program, you can completely fill out the wine command and start the program you want to.


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