Installing over Existing Partitions

Installing OpenSUSE over another OpenSUSE system

Tutorial Level: Intermediate

OpenSUSE allows for great flexibility during its installation. Many people who install OpenSUSE, especially with the release of version 11.0, already have OpenSUSE installed. Others may want to reinstall OpenSUSE to format their partitions. The great thing is that OpenSUSE allows you to install over an existing partition. During the installation, you can change the settings to format these partitions and install a clean version of OpenSUSE. Please keep in mind that this tutorial is not meant to walk you through the installation, but to focus on the partitioning section of the installation.

Refer to Installing both Gnome and KDE for further installation information.

Formatting and Installing a Partition

Once you have begun the installation, you will come to the section: Disk. This is where the information on your current partitions are located and where changes can be made. YaST will present you with a suggestion for installing OpenSUSE, but most likely this will not include the options we are looking for. Note that we will be formatting the partition and keeping the same amount of space allocated for each, not deleting and changing the partition size. To being changing the partition setup, click the Edit Partition Setup… button.

This will bring you to a screen with all of the current partitions. At the bottom of the list, there will be three partitions with the names…

  • swap
  • /
  • /home

Click the swap partition, and click the Edit button in the button group at the lower side of the screen. Now a prompt will appear with two radio buttons (the circle with the dot) on it. Click the second box that says Format. Now, do this again to the / and /home partitions and hit the OK button. Now all of these partitions are slated to be formated (and will appear in red on the Disk screen and the Installation Overview) and then have the new swap, /, and /home partitions written over it for the new OpenSUSE system.


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